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There is a lot of tools to turn photos into a painting. Online as well as offline application/software gives us the ability to do these easy as a pie.

Here not talking about the large editors like Photoshop or GIMP but the converter only.

What is a photo converter?

We all know editors like Photoshop and GIMP which allows us to add or remove something from a photo.

Photo credit by vril1

A photo converter is simply a converter that works predefined effects. Suppose a photo into an oil painting.


There are many for the same purpose but here a simple and easy software to make any photo into 20 different effects. This is very easy and anyone can work with this with a simple click with predefined effects.

Just add a photo and use effects to get the result you want. Not only this, you get the ability to increase or decrease the sizes of the brush. Suppose you want a painting effect and the filter lets you get the brush size for the result you want.


Pretty easy to setup. The software is available for Windows and Mac users.

The official site will provide you a full version of the software as well as the portable version for Windows, which is available.


FotoSketcher tools

FotoSketcher has basic tools to turn any photographs into 30 different painting effects. Even basic drawings look attractive if you have something drawn in MS Paint. It will make it look more attractive.

Just after open it you can open the picture file by the menu or drag and drop. The next part is to select the drawing effect you want and let the program do the rest.

Drawing tool

The above picture was taken from a mobile camera. The right side is the preview of converted into a brush painting.

The drawing tool opens a panel to set its parameters. You select the style, you want pencil drawing, black & white, oil paint, water paint, vintage style and other.

Drawing parameters

Then you can adjust the stroke and its length. Numbers of brushstrokes and color can be set. The same panel will let you soften the sides and add the picture frame.

Add text

You can add your desired text to the final picture. Select the font which is available on your computer and then set the color. And it’s done.

Last words

Nothing complicated and it is the best software by it visual and for the simple easy task. FotoSketcher is the only picture converter and supports almost all formats of the pictures and images. For a picture converter, it is the best one to play with your images and photographs.

If you like the result you can directly make a hard copy of it. The printer icon is displayed for the action.