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What are some important tips to make good money selling photos on Shutterstock?

How to sell photos on Shutterstock effectively?

As the Shutterstock community grows, newbies struggle a lot to make their first sale. And then they realize what mistakes they should avoid. Without experience, you can not get the right way to stick to success.

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With the right mindset and approach, there are always ways to get success in any field. Before starting it, you need to keep some points in mind to avoid mistakes.

Make your photo better by researching

Know your products: You need to have deep knowledge of the subject you are dealing with before you get effective sales. Time makes it perfect, take time to understand the product and try to explain each moment you can so you will explain the audience/customer better about the products.

Identify your targeted audience: The Internet has made it simpler to reach a worldwide audience yet not all have the same interest. So here by using marketing strategy, you will have to find the right audience/customer for the product. Once you know the audience, apply another step to bring the people back again.

Refine the targeted audience: Once you have identified the audience, make them visit again through your social pages and feedback. It is an ongoing process that involves analyzing data and feedback to understand the customer better.

How much can I earn selling photos as a Shutterstock contributor?

This question evergreen question on the internet in the topic of online selling. Making some good money on Shutterstock depends on the quality, demand, and sales you get.

Shutterstock contributors earn a percentage of the sale price based on their lifetime earnings. The percentage varies from 15% to 40%. According to Shutterstock’s website, earnings per download for a single image range from $00.25 to $120. This amount depends on the customer’s purchasing license and the contributor’s lifetime earnings on the platform.

Making more sales on Shutterstock

Since your photos are already available on Shuttertock’s market, anyone can see and purchase them. If you have unique and demanding pictures, then they will definitely appear in search results. So here you get organic sales.

By putting in more effort, you can make more sales. Do a side hustle to promote your content.

Trends and demands: There are already thousands of photographs and digital creations. Some items will have limited access and low traffic yet have a good chance to recommend. So if you are following the trends, then you get a high chance to get visitors.

Focus on quality: This should not be ignored. For better quality, you will have to get knowledge of camera handling, lights, and composition.

Use appropriate keywords: Your relevant and descriptive keywords play a major role in recommending other popular items already on good sale. The potential buyers find photos by using specific topics.