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What is the difference between royalty-free and copyright free? If royalty-free photos free to use?

And a lot more questions on this topic will rise. It happens because of the term “free” used in both of them.

Where do we find these terms?

It is an agreement and these are used on products and services like the photo, video, article, music, and other artistic contents.

Mostly these days people are looking on photographs because of the growth of content makers.

Royalty-free and copyright-free the same?

Royalty free vs Copyright free signs

It is two different concepts. In many cases, royalty-free stock photos are interpreted as free photos. Which is not true.

Royalty-free means the buyer can use the photo multiple times on multiple projects with few restrictions. There is no need to pay the royalty to use again and again.

Copyright-free means the copyright itself has expired or the second party (you/person gets the product) has acquired the right to use the work. List of copyright-free photo resources

In short, copyright-free items are free to copy.

Where do we find these terms?

Well, mostly we see these terms are used for searching photographs. But this is a term for the agreement and it is used in artistic works like photographs, graphics, paintings, articles, illustrations, videos, audios and others.