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Removing background from an image is one of the regular tasks of photo manipulation and editing.

We are mostly aware of software that is capable of doing this. There are many content makers who are not interested in using software like PhotoShop. So, there are a few specific software/tools available for them.

How do these apps and software remove the background from an image?

Because of AI (Artificial Intelligence), it finds the main object. Then it removes the other which is the background.

This process is automatic and within 5 seconds the new image is ready to download.

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Remove background online

Many websites make it very easy to do a specific task online. Where not much editing is necessary.

There will be few restrictions if you do it without signing up. But you can get a sample work done. Below are websites that provide the same benefit for a non-tech guy.

If you do not have experience in photo editing and want to remove the background from your photo, an automated online tool will help you a lot.


It is an online tool, PhotoShop extension, API, and software to remove the background. Anyone can use it individually, photographers, media, e-commerce, marketing, or developers.

RemoveBG to remove background

Requires you to sign up but limited access for all is available to try it. 0.25 MB and 625×400 size images are free but online apps and API will charge 1/4 image credit. It is better to subscribe to good and quality tasks. Larger images like 6200×4000 and up to 25 MB require 1 image credit.

Using it on Windows, Mac and Linux will cost you 1 image credit. Better to use on a 64-bit computer so you will not experience lagging/hanging.

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This is a free tool and you do not have to pay to use it. Do it online or get Windows/Mac software.

BgEraser to remove background

Remove the background in three simple steps. Upload, click start, and download the image.

Choose your image and upload it. There is no requirement for red and green marks and you can use up to 2MB and 800×800 of the image (JPG, JPEG, and PNG) online without signing up. Log in and upload 2000×2000 images in a batch.

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Another quick background remover online as well as for your systems. With a free online and paid version for a year’s license.

PhotoScissors to remove background

10 MB and 4.2 resolution allowed for the format JPG, PNG, and WebP. It has an online editor where you can manually add or remove the portion you want. With a green pen, you can add from the picture and an eraser will help you to remove the portion. Save when done.

Trying online is free and also downloading in low resolution. If you want it in high resolution, you have to buy the credit.

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Experte background remover

Experte tools are designed to help self-employed and freelancers with quick and free tools to manage and grow their online presence. Background remover is one online tool that removes the image background within 5-10 seconds.

Upload the image and within a few seconds, the image is ready to download. There is a limitation of 10 images per user and per minute. No images are stored after the image processing.

The background remover uses a machine learning model. Then it detects automatically and replaces non-relevant content with a transparent background.

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