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Free image hosting sites where you can upload and use images and photographs for online use. There are many websites which allow people to upload and share the photo/images without monthly/yearly cost.

Image hosting sites have their own features and the purpose to host the images. Some of them allow sharing the screenshots so anyone can see using the URL. Some are just for fun and others to promote photographers worldwide.

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List of the best image hosting sites

Some may charge you for extra features but most are free to use. If you are a professional photographer then use the package as per your need to promote your workspace.

Google photos

Google photos

Widely popular and free to use. It is an image hosting and sharing site by Google. With a google account, you can enter and instantly start uploading photos.

They have a smartphone app for Android, iOS and browser.


Imgur image hosting

Image hosting community since 2009. Supports images that can be used on blogs and forums.

Most of the forums use it to post images rather than direct uploading to the forums. Imgur allows BBcode and image code to show wherever you like. That’s petty handy to use on sites and forums.

Unlike other sites, here you do not need to have an account to upload the images. If you want to manage all images then it is good to have an account there.


Pinterest image sharing community

Pinterest is mostly known as a social media platform where people can share their interests through images. Photographers can get a huge advantage with it by making a profile.

People can directly upload images from the computer or share the site link. It has a lot for promotion, like creating a profile page with description and site link.


500px photo hosting site

Another image hosting site with social networking features. It is better to say a community site for photographers. The site invites professional and amateur photographs to join them.

You can build a profile there and sell the usage of photographs. It is best to say it a photographer’s promotional site. Yes, it is an image hosting site but you can not share the photo with other websites. If you are looking for a platform to upload photos and share on social sites, blog or forums then it is not the best option look for.

A good place for photographers who can start free with limits and upgrade as needed.


Drop file hosting

Leading cloud storage gives 2GB free file hosting. Any kind of file can be uploaded and shared from any device.

If the basic plan is not suitable for your needs, upgrade to increase the limit.

DropBox allows you to create a file link to copy and share on email, chat or text. Other people do not need to have an account, they can visit the link and download it.

Also, you can protect images by the watermark.

Google drive

Google drive file hosting

Cloud storage used for different purposes. All who have a google account can access and manage files free up to 15GB.

Basically a host for all kinds of files like image, text, music, videos, and others. Managing makes it very simple by creating folders and share the file by its URL provided. The same file can be saved or downloaded by others as required.


Onedrive file hosting

Cloud hosting service by Microsoft gives 5GB of free storage. The limit can be increased by upgrading and also provide business storage.

Easy to manage all kinds of files by creating separate folders. It requires you to have an MSN account there.