What Is Stock Photography?

If you are a graphic designer, a photographer, creative or just searched for photographs/images, you must have come across the term “stock images” or “stock photos”. Photos are available online but what are these terms?

Stock images/photographs are great resources to get high-quality photos and these are cheap. You can use them for various purposes like marketing and advertising, promotional or personal uses.

Stock photography

Supply of photographs is known as stock photography. These are often licensed for specific uses like “personal use only”, “web use only”, “editorial purposes only” and so.

Photographs which are ready to use, made available for license by paying both the artist and the agency is known as stock photography. Here the photographs are available for use by giving a fee for certain uses, while the author retains the copyright of the work.

Example: You may have heard about the website mostly tagged with stock photographs, which have a large collection of vector arts, icons and photographs.

In short, a photographer supplies their photographs for a specific use. Because these pictures are taken for a certain use, they are ready to use.

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