What Is Copyright?

What is copyright? Who needs and for what?

What is copyright

Copyright is the legal right of the owner for the property. It is a law that gives you ownership of the things you create.

If you create something, you own it. Copyright law assures ownership of anything, let it be poem, story, music, video, pictures, images etc.

It comes with exclusive rights:

  • To reproduce the work.
  • To perform the work.
  • To perform derivative works (the work that adapt the original work).
  • To distribute the copies.
  • To publicly display.
  • To determine and decide in what conditions the work may be marked (public display, reproduce…).
  • To sell the work.


Copyright sign
Copyright contents are often marked with letter “c” with a circle around it. The sign shows the content is the property of someone else and one needs to get permission from the owner to copy or sell that item.

How to use the sign?
You might have seen in websites a copyright sign is placed at footer area.

Get the sign using HTML code for web use as a text or get an icon to show it.

HTML code ©
Unicode ©

Get icons from icondinder

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