How To Upload Photographs?

A simple guide to uploading the photo on PixLoger.

Uploading photographs is easy especially when you are familiar with “uploading” and “downloading” terms. If you visit the site “Upload” button will appear on the top right after singing into your account. Then you can easily browse and select photograph which you want to upload (submit to PixLoger gallery).

We welcome your photographs

You are most welcome to submit the pictures you like to share with the world. Before it, you must understand PixLoger is photo bank where anyone can download photographs for almost any purpose. If you agree, then submit your picture taken by you.

How to upload photo?

Steps to upload photos

STEP 1: Login to your account.
STEP 2: Click on “Upload” button appear on top right side corner.
STEP 3: Now click on “Browse” button and select a photo.
STEP 4: Enter photo details like name, keyword, description etc.
STEP 5: Now click on “Upload” button below the photo preview.

Now your photo will go under a review process and soon appear when accepted. All your photographs will be listed on your profile page.

Note: PiXLoger is a picture bank and building site which will helpful to content makers as well as people who want to use pictures.